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Places - Little Andaman/Hut Bay

Little Andaman is a 722 sq. km. large island in the Andaman district housing pristine beaches, sprawling palm oil plantations and water falls. The island has 4 gram panchayats. The population is primarily made up of people from Bengal and Tamil Nadu. There is also a Nicobaree village, 6 km from the jetty, housing 250 families. Cultivation and Fisheries are the two primary occupations of people on this island.

The tourist season in Little Andaman is between the months of November and April. This island is still virgin with a very low tourist inflow guesstimated at 90 nos. in a season. This translates to a low average of 0.5 tourists per day in season. The average stay period of a foreign tourist is put at a week to 10 days and the same drops to 1-2 days in case of a domestic tourist.

Entry into Little Andaman is only from Port Blair for which 7 - 9 hours voyage required.

Stay facilities are limited in Little Andaman. There is an ANIFPDCL guesthouse with a capacity to accommodate 10 guests. There is also the eco resort of ANIFPDCL at Butler Bay beach with cottages to accommodate upto 20 guests.

Places to visit in and around Little Andaman :-
Image of White Surf Waterfalls, Little Andaman, Andaman Islands. White Surf Waterfalls is located in the midst of a tropical forest. ANIFPDCL, maintaining the area, also offer elephant safari during season.
Image of Whisper Wave Waterfall, Little Andaman, Andaman Islands. Whisper Wave Waterfall is the other waterfall available in the island.
Image of Palm Oil Plantation, Little Andaman, Andaman Islands. Palm Oil Plantation spread across a large part of the islands.
Image of Bala Reef, Little Andaman, Andaman Islands. Bala Reef is a site suited for water adventure including scuba diving.
Image of Netaji Nagar beach, Little Andaman, Andaman Islands. Netaji Nagar beach is yet another interesting beach located along the roadside of village, whose name is shared with the beach.
Image of Dams in Ramakrishnapur and Vivekanandapuram, Little Andaman, Andaman Islands. Dams in Ramakrishnapur and Vivekanandapuram, which are presently not much explored by tourists, are the potential attractions on this island.
Image of Butler Bay Beachis, Little Andaman, Andaman Islands. Butler Bay Beachis a virgin beach offering a long sandy shore. ANIFPDCL, maintaining this beach, offer Nicobaree style cottages for tourist stay at reasonable tariff. However, the sea is rough which makes access seasonal. It is also frequented by crocodiles. Boating from Buter Bay to Palm Oil Factory is an interesting journey.