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Places - Baratang Island

Baratang is situated 39.4km/35nm from Port Blair. Baratang offers some unique attractions in the form of Mud Volcanoes and Limestone caves. The limestone caves remain one of the favourite tourist destinations. The trek to reach the caves is adventurous.

This is one of best part of your trip to Andaman Islands. Here you get to see the wild nature as well as its beauty. Andaman trip will be incomplete without a trip to Baratang and Jirkatang.

Places to visit in and around Baratang Island :-
Image of Limestone caves, Baratang Inland, Andaman Islands. Limestone caves The lime stone caves, full of splendid stalagmites, stalactites and pillar rocks, remain one of the favourite tourist destinations. The trek to reach the caves is adventurous. The limestone caves remain largely unexplored and it is a unique experience. These ancient caves are located about 50 minutes (by sea) away from Baratang Jetty. The boat journey through the heart of dense mangrove forest is simply breathtaking. The boat ride here is a lifetime experience for some. Its something you get to see only in channels like NatGeo or Discovery otherwise.
Image of Mud Volcano, Baratang Inland, Andaman Islands Mud Volcano is created by natural gases emitted by decaying organic matter underground. As the mud is pushed upwards by the gas, it deposits and hardens above ground. As more mud oozes out and spills over the edge it grows in size, gradually forming what you can see today - a miniature volcano with a rich, creamy mud crater at the top.At Baratang you can see Mud Volcano which is about 4 km away from the jetty. Baratang has rare view of mud volcano in India.
Image of Boating Through Creeks, Baratang Inland, Andaman Islands. Boating Through Creeks bypassing the dense green mangroove is splendid experience. The scene would be very photogenic and charming.