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Mrs Preethi & Mr Rajkumar

Works at Moog
Date of Travel: 25-September-2012/ Nights: 6 Package: HM-6N-4PB1HL1NIBT
City: Hosur, Tamilnadu Email: rajkumar7449@gmail.com

Hi All, This is Rajkumar & our tour no: 980. We had stayed 6 Nights / 7 Days in the Andaman from 25-Sep-2012 to 31-Sep-2012 We had a very good experience in Andaman and MyAndaman made our honeymoon trip as an unforgettable trip. So I like to say a special thanks to MyAndaman. Below I have described the journey of our trip.

Day 1 We reach Andaman by around 11.00 am and went to our pre-booked room and after refreshing we had our lunch. Then we started our trip. We went to the Andaman Water Sports Complex, Marina Beach and Park there had an experienced in water scooter. And we visited the Cellular Jail in the day light and then after 6:00 PM we enjoyed the Light and Sound show in the Cellular Jail. Then we came to our room.

Day 2 This day we visited around three Islands, we started our tour at around 8:30 AM from Port Blair through boat we went to North Bay Island we spend around 3.00 hours over there, we enjoyed a lot in this Island we went on the Jet boat, Glass Boat & Snorkeling and we had the lunch in North Bay Island. Then from North Bay we went to Ross island we spent there around 2.00 hours we had a look on olden Japanese building in this island and from there we went to viper island and saw the olden temple in that island it was an one hour journey in ship from Ross island to viper island, it was a good experience. At around 5:30 PM we came to Port Blair and reached our room.

Day 3 We checked out our room from Port Blair at 6:00 AM and started our trip; we took the breakfast parcel with us and went to Neil Island. It was a long journey in the ship around two and half an hour?s journey. Then we reached the Neil Island, We went to our pre-booked room we had our lunch in the resort and went to Bharatpur beach and saw the sea corals with help of glass boat it was a nice experience and from there we went to Sitapur beach to see natural bridge it was also good, and then we came to room. And at around 4:30PM we started from our room to see the sun set in the Laxmanpur beach, but we are not able to see the sunset as it was cloudy and we came to our room back.

Day 4 We spent our first half in the Neil island we enjoyed the morning in the Laxmanpur beach which is in the front of the resort it was a very good corals beach. Then we check out from the resort at around 11:30 AM and went to Havelock Island it was a forty five minutes journey from Neil Island to Havelock Island. And went to our pre booked room and went to Radhanagar beach. It was a wonderful sand beach which I have never seen as. We took lot many photos in that beach and had a good & enjoyable bath in the Radhanagar beach and at around 5:30 PM we reached our room.

Day 5 We started our trip at around 9:30 to elephant beach there we had experienced in the jet boat and in glass boat for seeing the corals in the sea. After that we checked out our room at around 02:30 PM and went to Port Blair with the help of Govt. Ship. It was a two hour journey. We enjoyed lot in the ship. We reached the Port Blair at around 5:00 clock and went to our room.

Day 6 We started our journey to Baratang Island at early morning 3:30 AM from Port Blair. From Port Blair we had travelled around 4:00 hours in the car to reach the Jetty, we passed the forest areas where the tribal peoples (Jarawas) will be there, but we could not see them as it was raining. So the tribal peoples have not come out. Then we reached the Baratang Island at 8:30 AM from there with the help of small jet boat we went to Lime stone cave. It was a one hour journey the jet boat went deep in the mangrove areas and reached the place. From there to lime stone cave we need to walk for 3 kilometers it is a kind of trekking than we reached the lime stone cave. It was very beautiful and thrilling to hear about it, the shapes of the lime in the cave were amazing we loved it very much. Then we went to mud volcano. We saw the volcano and the information we had about it was also quit interesting. It is a kind of cold volcano which destroys the fertilizing land. The mud which comes out from the volcano seems to be like lime power. And moved back to Port Blair by crossing the forest area, this time even we didn?t get chance see the Jarawas as it was raining. We reached the Port Blair at around 4:00 PM. We started doing the purchase at Sagarika; we bought some good shells & corals and some wooden items for ourselves and for our family members and went to room.

Day 7 This was the last day for us in Andaman. We Checked out from the hotel and reached the airport. And returned to our home with the sweat memories and dreams of the Andaman. From our experience we feel that Andaman is a beautiful place and an Eco-Friendly place. Everyone should visit the Andaman in their life time ones.

MyAndaman is the only tour package who can make the Andaman feel as it?s our Andaman. In such a way they have made the trip for us. And I feel it was like a life time opportunity for us. They made it as an unforgettable moment. Thank you MyAndaman.

Written by: Mrs Preethi & Mr Rajkumar

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