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Mrs. Pujarini Mitra & Mr. Vikrant Rana

Works at Wipro
Date of Travel: 21-December-2011/ Nights: 8 Package: 8N-3PB1MB1DP1LI2HL
City: Electronic City, Bangalore, Karnataka Email: pujarini.mitra@gmail.com

We left for our honeymoon from Delhi on 20th Dec 2011 and had a connecting flight to Port Blair via Chennai. We were super excited about the trip as we both love beaches and after a lot of research had zeroed on Andaman to be the place for our honeymoon. The flight to Port Blair did not have any surprises and when we landed there was a car waiting for us. We were taken to our hotel in Port Blair and the drive to it was beautiful. The first glance at the blue waters was enough to heighten our spirits. We spent the first night in a dome shaped room on top of a hill facing the sea which was beautiful. The room was very well kept which made us feel as we are staying in an igloo but with modern amenities. It was a very unique kind of accommodation.

The second day started with us in getting up really early much before the sunrise. We reached the check post before the Jarawa tribe area and had our breakfast while waiting. The gate opened at 6:00 am and the drive amongst the jungle was beautiful. We managed to see some tribal people. After this we went to see the limestone caves and mud volcano. The boat ride was quite refreshing in the hot day. We stayed at Mayabunder that night. Next day we started for Diglipur and on our way went to Ross and Smith Island. This was the highlight of the trip. The water was so blue and clear that we went crazy clicking pictures. We met a gang of people from Switzerland there who were doing snorkeling. We came back to the mainland after a couple of hours.

The third night we spent in a farmhouse in Diglipur. The cottages there were beautiful and the property was really beautiful. The beach though was rocky and marshy. The owner of the hotel told us that turtles hatch their eggs in the night and if he spots them in the middle of the night we can check them out too. During dinner we met the gang from Switzerland again and had drinks with them. After a quite dinner we called it a night.

Next day we started for Rangoon from where we took a ferry to Long Island. We had a little bit of drama where two drunken guys beat each other up but it was resolved soon. We again met our friends from the farmhouse and they had decided to go to Long Island too. The ride was very pleasant with cool breeze and calm water around us. We finally spotted Long Island and realised how isolated it is. The whole island has just one hotel and the beaches are absolutely lonely. By the time we reached the hotel it was dark and so we could not go to Lalaji beach though we went to the nearby beach through the jungle. We spent the rest of the night playing cards and board game. We were planning to go to Lalaji beach in the morning but to our dismay, realised that our ferry to Havelock was at 8 in the morning. This part could have been planned better.

The next morning was super cloudy and it had rained quite a lot during the night. We left the hotel and walked down to the port to board our ferry when the hotel owner came and told us that the ferry had been cancelled as the sea had become rough and all the traffic had stopped. That was the moment when we understood the meaning of being marooned. Not only was our trip to Havelock was ruined but we had no clue if we will manage to get off this island and reach in time to board our flight. We had booked the best rooms in Havelock and were really looking forward to spend time there. But anyways we had to return back to the hotel and wait till we could get any kind of news about the start of the ferries. We then spoke to Sunil and he told us that the weather may go worse so the wisest thing was to reach Port Blair somehow. We took the afternoon ferry back to Rangan as the channel ferries were still running. We stayed in Rangan in a very comfortable room given the circumstance. A car was sent from Port Blair to pick us up from Rangan and drive us back to Port Blair. We were quite upset with the fact that we could not go to Havelock but were thanking our stars that we were not stranded on some island. MyAndaman really coordinated very well and helped in saving the rest of the trip for us.

We started for Port Blair the next day before dawn to reach the Jarawa Tribe check post. We drove almost the rest of the day and reached Port Blair in the afternoon. MyAndaman had transferred our room in a hotel which was a branch of Silver Sand, Havelock where we had booked for two nights. We went to a nearby beach in the evening and spent the night peacefully. The next morning we changed hotels and went to see another beach in the evening. We thank MyAndaman for trying to cheer us up by giving us complimentary trips. In midst all this we discovered a real good hotel called Annapurna which served amazing food. The next day the weather got a little better and we could go to a nearby island called Red Skin. We did snorkeling and thoroughly enjoyed swimming in the ocean the rest of the day. Finally our spirits were a little higher and in the evening we went for a candle light dinner. The food was great and the service quite good. On the eighth day we had our flight back home in the morning and were praying that the flight better be on time. Arif, our tour coordinator surprised us with a photo of ours taken on the first day and that we had completely forgotten about. We would really like to appreciate Arif as he really helped us going that extra bit and making our trip unforgettable. We are really glad that despite of all the cancellations in our plan, we had a lovely time on our honeymoon and will cherish these memories always. Thanks MyAndaman for doing a great job at planning our trip!

Written by: Mrs. Pujarini Mitra& Mr. Vikrant Rana

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